Would you like to have your own global sourcing office in India?

Its easy. Rightsource is your India sourcing management partner for all your sourcing and vendor management activities in India. Our team of procurement professionals will work hand in hand with your procurement, design, manufacturing and quality personnel to deliver results with quality, cost effectiveness
and reliability. 

Need help moving projects in India quickly and without last minute surprises?

No problem. Our sourcing managers will work with you to understand your requirements and priorities. Careful planning and project management along with regular reviews with your team are the key to improving success rates and keeping surprises in check.

Focus on long term vendor relationships for quality and reliability

Long term success comes with focus on relationships, open discussions, transparency and focus on vendor improvement programs.

We always look for win-win sourcing relationships. Transparency and Quality are non-negotiable.

Indian industry is growing rapidly.

India has a strong engineering industry with a vast poole of trained engineers. India has world class engineering companies. Most major engineering players across the globe have already set up engineering sourcing operations in India.

India is ranked 2nd in the Deloitte 2010 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index.

Are you ‘Right’ sourcing in India yet?

Neither language barriers, nor quality concerns hold back the best global companies, if they are determined and patient, from benefiting from India’s engineering talent.
If you are looking to diversify your Asia engineering sourcing operations — India is the answer.
Let the Rightsource team help you to create your own India success story.

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